Contact Details

Location: Blenheim, NZ
Phone: 03 570 5584


Stall Operator: Graham Farnell and Gill Smith

Riverina almond growers Graham Farnell and Gill Smith enjoy the market’s one-on-one interaction. With their home-engineered nut roaster in situ, giving off arresting caramel aromas, they’re committed to the farmers’ market concept.

They want to broaden people’s knowledge of how food is produced, and speak about the importance of a traceable food chain. “Discerning market goers want to know where their food’s come from… they’re entitled to know with all the imported, blended, cheap stuff coming into the country,” says Graham.

With a premium almond range that includes salt roasted, garlic chilli and candied nuts (harvested with an almond-tree shaker Graham engineered), almond oil, crunchy almond butter (made in yet another machine engineered by Graham) and its by-product, almond flour, they are a busy enterprise.

In season, Graham and Gill also sell tree ripened figs and Gill has expanded their product range to include a fig salami, plus almond biscotti.

Riverina also appeared on Country Calendar just recently.

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