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NuggetyCreek Farm

NuggetyCreek Farm is committed to the ethical treatment of all animals. Our Wessex Saddleback are free ranging pigs. They can roam all over the property.

Housing is provided, but they choose where they live. The pigs are friendly, love a cuddle and a scratch. Mud baths are all the rage. No rings on our pigs nose, they can dig as they please.

We do not drench our animals with anything. They eat a diet of grains and marrowfat peas and whatever they root up. We do not spray on the property, try to follow organic practices, but are not registered as such. Happy pigs provide very tasty meat.

It is our mission to ensure that their life is pleasurable and stress free. All our pigs are taken to the abattoir in Cheviot and are MAF inspected and stamped. The meat is graded for back fat content. Fresh meat can be ordered in advance, otherwise the meat will be available vacuum packed and frozen. All meat is butchered under contract in a MAF audited facility.