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Phone: 03 578 9401


Mississippi Herbs

Stall Operator: Leah Gibson & Mark Dix

Mississippi Herbs has grown from humble beginnings, selling a range of herb plants and cut herbs, to the stall you will see when you visit the market now.

We bake a variety of breads, getting up at 2.30am on a Sunday so the bread arrives at the market freshly baked and in some cases still warm. We bake oat cakes, savoury crackers that are free of sugar and any other additives or preservatives. Because they are baked crisp, they will keep for approximately six weeks. A perfect partner for cheese or almond butter.

We make salad dressings, one flavoured with lemon and lime juice, and another using our own spray free fresh herbs. Both use marvellous Marlborough olive oil, a product this region is as suited to producing as wine.

In season, we sell fresh vegetables, beginning with asparagus and artichokes in October, and progressing to broad beans, heirloom tomatoes, and zucchini in summer. Autumn sees us bringing tomatillos, outdoor grown tomatoes, a few home orchard surplus greengages and pears, and maybe some nashi.

Of course we still have herbs, cut ones that is, with parsley, basil, coriander and dill being in most demand. We do have good supplies of French tarragon and oregano if required, and other less common ones such as lovage and horseradish.