Come out and play…

We may be experiencing crisp mornings but the Marlborough Farmers’ Market stallholders are up bright and early every Sunday morning regardless – keeping the food miles to a minimum and bringing you the freshest produce in town.  We’ve a couple more Bumper Markets up our sleeve before the onset of Winter, so make sure you make the most of what’s on offer this season and visit us this Sunday.

See you this Sunday from nine til noon at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!


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The seasonal fruit & vegetables, speciality meats & fresh fish, eggs, honey & nuts are abundant this week, so come and stock your pantry.


Displaying image1.JPGMississippi Herbs will be coming to the market for the next two weekends. However, after Queen’s Birthday Leah and Mark will be taking a break until Spring. Hopefully Annette will be bringing her sourdough, crackers and fabulous cakes in Winter until they return.

NuggetyCreek will have a selection of Pork Bellies, Pork Loins and Boned Half Shoulder Roasts. Melvyn will also have couple Half a Pig in a Box with him at the Great Price of $10.00 / Kg (carcass weight). Plus their usual selection of Coarse Cut Pork and Sage Sausages, Pork Salami, Dry Cured Bacon, Old Fashioned Pork Brawn, and of course the Liver and Bacon Pate’.


Feast Merchants are taking a bit of time out in June so its your last chance to get your Feastie Fix before they go and fill their heads with all sorts of crazy new ideas!  The Brunch Gnocchi will be back for one last time before they go and also our tasty Pork Belly Bao Buns.  Fran is going to make some real custard squares for those die hard fans and you can still get your Royale Beef Sandwiches, waffles and Cheese Scones.

  • With the great success of Gourmet Deli’s piping hot soup and mousetraps last week they’ll do it again!
    * Steaming hot porridge, stewed apples, brown sugar & cream
    * Piping hot field mushroom soup & grilled mousetraps $10
    * Fresh warm blueberry and lemon cake with cream $5
    * Fejoa & preserved ginger cake with cream or yoghurt $5


Butternut Pumpkin with Feijoas and Herb Paste

Originally grown in South America, the feijoa now thrives throughout New Zealand.  Shop at Windsong, Spudz n Greens and Mississippi market stalls for this delicious recipe

Image result for fejoa imageScoop out 6-8 feijoas and cut in half. Cut 1 kg butternut pumpkin into big bite sized pieces , toss in bowl with Tabs oil , tsp cinnamon, S&P, roast at 220C for 25-30 mins, turning once mid way, till soft and starting to colour. In the last 10 mins add the feijoas. Roast 2 Tabs pumpkin seeds 6-8 mins light and crispy.

Herb Paste: 50 gms cilantro (coriander) leaves and stems, clove crushed garlic, 4 Tabs olive oil in small food processor, blitz to fine paste. (or just chop chop chop fine)

Yogurt sauce: ½ cup plain yogurt, 1 tsp siracha hot sauce.

To serve: lay pumpkin and feijoa pieces on platter, drizzle yogurt on, and then the herb paste little blobs scattered on, scatter pumpkin seeds on top, some fresh cilantro leaves.



Cooking Demonstration


Don’t miss our weekly Cooking Demonstration from 10.30am with local Chefs cooking their favourite recipes with Farmers’ Market seasonal produce.


This week Chef Josh McKay is making Thai Chicken Noodle Soup with nuts from the market – a soupalicious winter warmer!