Happy Father’s Day…

Hey all you Dads out there – why not start your Sunday morning indulging in the great selection of food and produce at the Market?

Spring is on it’s way – hooray!  We have a great selection of plants for cheering the garden and fresh cut blooms to bring Spring indoors.  For those of you wanting to make Sunday platters, or bake cakes we have a great range of fresh salamis, cheeses, eggs, nuts, fruit and vegetables at the Market Stalls.  And of course – delicious food and great coffee.

See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Winter Market!


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 Spring has sprung!  Hazelnuts in Bloom at Nutt Ranch


catkins hazelnutNeed some reassurance that Spring is on the way?  Well, Keith and Georgina at Nutt Ranch have spotted my favourite harbinger of Spring – blooms on the hazelnut tree.

“Cream colored catkins containing the male flowers are visible from fall through winter, hanging stiffly from the hazelnut branches. As the winter winds down, the catkins grow longer and looser, their color evolving to include a hint of yellow. At maturity, thousands of tiny grains of pollen are released from the cluster of male flowers encompassed by the catkins, traveling on the wind in search of a female flower as a mate, preferably on a nearby compatible hazelnut. Pollination with a separate plant expands the gene pool, and increases the likelihood of successful offspring.

The female flowers are wonderfully gaudy in a subtle, inconspicuous way. Usually found at the tips of branches, the buds appear to be small and reddish brown during the winter. In bloom, the female flower parts resemble tiny, bright magenta sunbursts…

If the flowers are successfully pollinated, nuts are produced, ripening by late summer.”  The Natural Web

Luckily for us Nutt Ranch store their hazelnuts and crack them as needed – so we get to enjoy them fresh all year round.  They are loaded with numerous health-benefiting nutrients and exceptionally rich in folate – which is a unique feature for hazlenuts.  Come and taste them on Sunday.



Spoil him!


MFM - Merchant Feast

Why not start Father’s Day off with brunch at Marlborough Farmers’ Market?  Feast Merchants have their famous ‘Royale Beef Sandwich’ on the menu – it’s is deliciously tasty and has even been nicknamed “heaven in a sandwich”.






facepaintingAnd kids … now you’ve shouted Dad his heavenly sandwich it’s his turn to spoil you.  Get your face painted for just $2.





Premium GameAnd what are you cooking him for dinner?  Wild pork, venison or goat?  Pick up a roast at Premium Game and some lovely fresh veggies at Field Fresh.




Mississippi cakeMississippi Herbs are be back this month, just for Father’s Day. Anette has returned from a flying visit to Germany, and Leah has returned from an extended bout of gardening! The bread, cut herbs and oatcakes will be joined by some sweet treats for the whole family on the two tables of baked goods plus extras. See you on Sunday, rain or shine!









Kaka Beak – “My favourite native. Very hard to get and grow” – S Harris, Facebook Friend


kaka beakI spotted this beauty last week at the market and I had to ask Marlborough Nursery what it was – Kaka Beak.  Once I posted it on our Facebook page it sparked quite a bit of interest.  Jennie from Windsong Orchard informed me that it’s … “also called Kowhai Ngutukaka , or if you want to be ‘proper’ the botanical name is Clianthus, grows naturally up north although it’s rare, and like the pea it resembles it’s a nitrogen fixer, good for the soil!”.  Marlborough Nursery sells Kaka Beak, acclimatised to Marborough in a variety of colours for just $15.







helleboresIt was also great to see Purple Patch at the Marlborough Farmers’ Winter Market last week – selling white and pink hellabores (winter rose),for just $6.







Recipe of the week?  Let’s keep it fresh, let’s keep it local


Do you love visiting the Market and buying fresh produce?  Have you got a favourite seasonal recipe you’d like to share?  I’d love to publish it for you.  Email me at admin@marlboroughfarmersmarket.co.nz


A.G.M. this month


Feasties Beef RoyaleWe are still looking for nominations for the Marlborough Farmers’ Market Committee and we would like to encourage interested stallholders, customers and members of the public who would like to support our organisation to come and join us.

Nominations forms for committee members can be downloaded from our website or can be requested by emailing admin@marlboroughfarmersmarket.co.nz.

The AGM will be held on Tuesday, 20th September at 5.30pm in St Mary’s Parish Room on Maxwell Rd.