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45 West End
New Zealand

Phone:(03) 319 7598
Email: info@kaikouracheese.co.nz
Website: www.kaikouracheese.co.nz

Kaikoura Cheese and Localvore Store

Stall Operator: Daniel and Sarah Jenkins

We make a range of exceptionally good fresh soft cheese using traditional methods. We use only the very best fresh goat’s milk and a lovely supply of fresh Jersey cow’s milk from Laugrange Farm. Come and try our range of cheeses at the Marlborough Farmers Market.

You can observe the cheese-making process at our factory and shop in central Kaikoura, and sample all our own cheeses as well as a range of other NZ cheeses.

2015 Champion of New Cheese!

​We are very happy to win the NZ Champion of New Cheese award with our Tenara Ash-coated Goat’s Cheese at the 2015 NZ Champions of Cheese Awards. We also won Gold for our Fromage Blanc, Tenara and The Harnett; and Silver for the Rapa and Bureaucrat.

Fresh Kaikoura Cheese
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Kaikoura Cheese