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Birch Grove Farm

Stall Operator: Richard and Sandy Dowling

For the best tasting tree ripened pears and apples make sure that you see Richard at the market.Tree ripened, in season fruit and sweet corn is available in the summer and Autumn and is guaranteed to be the best in the top of the south.For more information on Richard’s produce and timeframes for availability please contact  Richard or  the Marlborough Farmers market manager.

Food Miles Matter

Yes, of course these items and thousands of others are available virtually every month of the year, as food is flown in from around the globe, and sometimes – but by no means always – these imports even taste pretty good.
But how long has their journey taken? Just how long ago were they picked, and how have they been kept ‘fresh’? How much pollution have the cargo planes kicked out, and under what conditions do workers pick and produce them? The answers to many of these questions are often unpalatable.

It’s time to stop mindlessly buying foods from everywhere, and choosing only seasonal fruit and seasonal vegetables, preferably locally produced, in the season in which nature meant them to be eaten.

Serving seasonal fruit and vegetables, especially when they’re locally grown, is a real pleasure.

Shop for them at farmers’ markets, local outlets or through organic box schemes. Enjoy the cycle – the first few deliveries of a new crop, gradually becoming a glut (if you’re lucky), then gradually fading again, to be replaced by something different.